Opera in Model Theatre

Although not part of regular repertoire, Robert Poulter has made some productions of different operas, in fact, his first show was as edited version of Rameau's French baroque opera, 'Les Indes Galantes'. On the Little Black Theatre a complete version of Purcell's 'Dido and Aeneas' is available. Pictured here are some scenes from the two Meyerbeer operas Mr. Poulter has made productions of: 'Le Prophète' and 'Robert le Diable', 213 and 163 minutes long respectively. Performances of both these operas have been given successfully in Germany and the UK; watching these shows should be regarded as if one was at the opera with proper intervals for drinks and refreshments being observed. The artwork for both of these operas formed the centrepiece of an exhibition of Robert Poulter's work at the Papier Theater Museum in Schlossphillipsruhe in Hanau, Germany.

Robert le Diable




Le Prophète

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