Model Theatre

Brand new, fully revised edition in full colour, available now - contact me for details


How to make and perform new model theatre shows by Robert Poulter. 1993 National Council for Educational Technology. 1996 2nd edition by Video Rideo Press

Captain Webb


Designed and illustrated the story of the first Channel swimmer. 2006 Video Rideo Press.

Die Badekur (The Cure)

by Robert Poulter. 1997 Preetzer Papiertheatertreffen.

A model theatre show in its own concertina theatre. Published to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Preetz Paper Theatre Festival. A gothic vampire romance in six languages.

Buccaneer Brogas' Belated Brunch

by Robert Poulter. 1998 Video Rideo Press

Model theatre show in concertina theatre - a piratical comedy.

Das Gottesurteil

by Peter Schauerte-Lüke. 2001 Burg Theater, Schlössburg

Designed and illustrated this medieval knights tale about Schlössburg.

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